Girls and Woman Sex Life and Fantasies with Playful Objects

Apart from those regular nights in bed, many men and women like to pleasure themselves with various kinds of sex toys. Sex is one of the pleasurable moments of life and people like to fantasize themselves with various kinds of sexual activities. People who do not get their partners in bed every night can satisfy themselves with various kinds of sex toys. Here are some sex toys for ladies to try out.

Playful Events and Moments with Fingers
Playful Fingers as Vibrators


Vibrators are one of the most common sex toys that are used mostly by women. An expert Gigolo can make you get the best out of it and please all your senses and beyond. These were one of the first sex toys that were used by women in order to fulfill their sexual desires. Vibrators were previously used to treat hysteria in women as well as diseases like fatigue, depression, and anxiety problems. Vibrators are nowadays used to arouse women so that they reach orgasm without intercourse or masturbation. Vibrators are available in a number of shapes, sizes and designs. If you want vaginal and clitoral stimulation then you can try out the rabbit vibrator which is ideal for both. With the advent of technology you can also try out vibrators which can be connected to the iPod, the iPhone that will vibrate to the music beat. You can also try out from smaller vibrators that are easy to carry. Vibrators are created for arousal in women as well as the ones which can be use during intercourse.

Anal trainer kit

This sex toy is simple erotic and can be found in various sex stores as well as online stores. This sex toy will help in seducing you by opening your butts and inserting things inside. You can practice opening your butt with this Colt anal trainer kit. This is your best friend for your anal for life and will help you to get use to the sensation of anal spinchter muscle opening. This can be used when you are sitting in the toilet. This will also help you to enjoy anal sex in the best possible erotic way.

Most Attractive Sex Toy for Females, devised to be the Complete Toy in all respects making a 3some 4some etc partners with toys even if no or one boy only is there.
Best Sex Toy for Girls and Ladies


Dildos are sex toys which are common among women and the answer behind this is that dildos are available in the shape of a penis which has been specially designed for insertion in the vagina. A good professional expert Gigolo can teach you best of its use possible. Dildos are toys which have also been used for many years. Dildos were previously made of stone and wood but nowadays with the advent of technology there are plastic and rubber dildos as well which have been designed for comfort and satisfaction. There are vibrating dildos as well which can be inserted inside the vagina and then vibrated for that special feeling inside. There are various kinds of dildos that are specially designed for riding on them with a harness as well with a strap as well. You can also try out from double ended dildos so that two people can pleasure themselves at the same time. You can choose from various shapes, color and sizes as well

Glass butt plug

Glass is known to be hypoallergenic and if you try out a heavy high quality plug it would help your butt and help you feel comfortable as well. The Glass butt is very comfortable on your skin and it can be made more fabricated with lubes. The clear and good quality glass will help to see the opening. The glass butt is completely safe to use and can be used by men as well as women. This is also a great toy for gay men.

Sex dolls

Have you ever imagined little girls playing with their dolls? We have heard and seen little girls playing with dolls but we have never seen dolls that have been made for adults to play with during sex? Sex dolls are one of the best replacements for people who yearn for sex.The dolls are also known as Dutch wives and they are made with PVL plastic skeletons, silicone flesh as well as audio system that can make seductive noises while intercourse. These sex dolls are available in various kinds of shapes, sizes and figures with different facial features, skin tones, and hair.If you want a realistic doll with whom you would like to have sex you can choose dolls with pubic hair, heads that can be detached and dolls that react to various kinds of stimulation and make noises as well.

Nipple clamps

Nipple clamps are specially designed for women as well as men so that they feel as if their nipples are being pressed and licked. Many women also pleasure themselves when they are touched by the nipple. There are various kinds of nipples clamps to try out from. Nipples are known to be very erotic parts of the body and depending on the requirements; they can be used on the guy as well as the girl. These clamps are made of leather and are comfortable and smooth on the skin as well as this area is really sensitive.

Bluetooth sex

Teledildonics is a great machine that can help to tease partners from a great distance. This machine allows you to control very small sex toys from a great distance and even from your phone. The different sex toys are available with remote control and they can be used anywhere and everywhere as well.


Lubes are a comparatively newer sex toy which is now found in the market. Previously people made the use of different kinds of oils and smoothly mashed yams until the lube was created. Lube is a commercial product that is used a lot during sexual intercourse. Lubes are usually used when a woman would like a deeper penetration and to make the place oily and smooth as well so that sex is pleasurable and less painful as well. There are various different kinds of lubes like water based lubes, oil based lubes, and silicon based lubes. You can also try out from various lubes as well so that oral sex is tasty and enjoyable as well. You can also tryout from lubes which create a tingling sensation inside you while insertion. Lubes are also sec for male masturbation techniques as well.

Massage candle

This one of the best sex toys for people who loves having sex.This is a double duty product. The candle burns and the smooth hot wax can be brushed on to the partner when it falls off the wick. This is a unique sex toy that can be really innovative and out of the box with a great mushy feeling. This candle leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky and does not clog your skin pores. The warm, sensual wax that can be used on the body. Always keep matches beside you to light the candle at the intense moment.

Heart Wedge

This is a red heart shaped cushion which will permit you to accomplish all the sexual positions which can be found in the Moregasm.This is a heart shaped cushion which is red In color. This is a pretty expensive cushion with red color fabric.

Vibrating cock ring

One of the most common and popular sex gadgets is the vibrator cock ring. This is one of the best kinds of sex toys that can help you put your bed on fire at night. The sex toys comprises of various features and functions which comprise of a two in one sex gadgets. This is a specialized toy that comprises of a cock ring and a vibrator.This is a great sex toy where one can feel a two in one sensation with just one sex gadget which can be used by girls on their partner.

Male masturbators

One of the most common and popular sex toys which are used by men is known as the male masturbators. This sex toy has been designed in a way so that it has penis sleeves so that the penis can be inserted into those sleeves and it feels as if the penis has gone inside the vagina. The toy provides a number of sensations as it is specially designed to look like a female vagina. This toy is made of silicone as well as soft rubber so that men can feel that soft and comfortable feeling to masturbate. This ladies can use on their male partner.

Penis pump

If you are searching for a male sex toy which can help in improving the length and the breadth of your man’s penis, then the penis pump is one of the best options for sex toys. These pumps are made to increase the length and the breadth of the penis and also harden the penis. This sex toy is used by placing the penis inside the cylindrical tube and this tube is connected to a hand pump. You should start pumping in order to make more blood flow into the penis because of the vacuum inside the cylinder. Some of these pumps also have built in vibrators which help in better satisfaction and performs erection as well. The vibrator makes the sexual experience pleasurable and satisfactory as well. This can also help in increasing the length and the breadth of his penis.

Magic wands

Apart from vibrators, there are various kinds of different sex toys for women. The magic wand is one of the ideal sex toys that women actually swear by.

Flesh lights

This is a sex toy that has been designed just for your boy. The flesh light is one of the best male masturbators that have been designed so intricately so that the man may feel that he is inserting into a lady and the toy has a Hoover-level suction. It’s is one of the best looking and popular sex toys for men right now.

Reading books

There are various kinds of reading books that helps trigger your sexual fantasy and passion as well. Books like Mills and boons, forbidden fantasies, and various other books related to sex help to bring in that intense feeling of sex within you which you would love.

A jack off tool

There are various kinds of masturbators as well as jacking tools that are specially designed for gay men and is also among good sex toys for women. These sex toys are not only useful for individual use but can also be used as hand jobs. This one is a highly recommended sex toy where you need to put in your penis and start shagging for intense pleasure and satisfaction.

The Double ended jack off tool

This is yet another great sex toy which is intensely romantic and erotic as well. This can be used by two guys at a time. This sex toy is made up of a round tube with openings at both the ends where you can out in your penises from the front and then stroke each others head. This toy is difficult to find online. Sit on your knees on bed face to face and stick both your penises in. You and kiss each other and then put your penises in, stroke each other and make out. This is also a great sex toy for gay guys.

Vaginal pressure inducer

This sex toys is a highly technological remote controlled balloon that is slowly and steadily filled with water at 37C, and then slowly secured with a pair of pants and a Velcro harness. Women who wear this balloon can stop the balloon by pressing a button. This is a sleek and highly technological sex toys that can put you bed on fire and women whop use it would ask for nothing more at night. This is a great sex toy for women to try out.

Double fucker toys

This is one of the best sex toys where you can enjoy double penetration at one point of time which will yell out the orgasm out of you. This is one of the best gifts for gay men. Two men can simultaneously try this at the same time by attacking a dildo to the dick and feigning a sensation of sex. This is also regarded as one of the best anal toys that can be taken from the anal as well.
Here are some of the best sex toys that you would love to have in your cupboards for a great sex life ahead.

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