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Boys and men should treat women well and with true respect. Boys, you are in the habit of talking all good to girls and then you slut shame them later on behind their back, which in turn may give you serious aliments as below.

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You should be fine quality boys and have a heart of true respect for women as equal partners in all pros and cons. The aliments and their treatments have been discussed as below:

Causes and effects of Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation

Erectile dysfunction which is a common problem in many men can be an embarrassing one as well- especially when it comes to your first night of make out. This problem can occur in men of all ages. The main reason for this problem is weakness of the nerves and muscles which actually help in maintaining the erection. Men who suffer from this problem may lose hope many a times, but this problem can be solved with regular exercise and therapies as well. Read this article to know more about the various treatments, prevention and therapies for the same.

What are the causes of erectile dysfunction?

There are many causes of erectile dysfunction.However the main causes pertain to

• Obesity
• Any kind of cardiovascular disease
• Panic attacks
• Prostate Cancer
• Too much smoking and drinking

If the problem of erectile dysfunction is too intense which may hamper your love life, doctors suggest medicines like Viagra. Apart from that certain changes in the lifestyle should also be adapted like reducing weight, eating proper diet, regular exercise and more.

Which is better- Exercise or treatment?

Exercise and Ayurvedic treatment of erectile dysfunction can have long lasting results while medicines can have only temporary relief.Long term medication can also cause a number of side effects as well. There are times when psychological problems may also be the cause of erectile dysfunction. This can be treated with the help of normal therapies and consultations.

Sex therapy

Sex therapy is one of the most useful therapies that can help in erectile dysfunction. This is a short term counseling method that involves around 5- 15 sessions with a sexologist. This is carried for around one hour every week. During this session

• Reading book about different kinds of sexuality
• Practicing better skills of communication related to sex
• Touching exercises that are designed to take pressure away during sex

Sex therapies can be useful for treating erectile dysfunction. Sex therapy can be useful if the person does not have erection due to stress resulting from finance and work as well as relation problems. Sex therapies if the partner cooperates well. The therapy will however not work if it is not done devotedly.

Cognitive behavioral therapies

This is one of the most useful forms of ED therapy which may be due to less self confidence, low self esteem performance anxiety and loss of sexual arousal.Cognitive behavioral therapy is known to be an actionable and proactive therapy that can change the way you perceive things, and think and behave. It also explains the idea that thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions are all interlinked with one another. The therapy can helps in inducing an optimistic approach towards life along with feelings of emotional. This can help in causing erection. CBT therapy involves your therapist talking to you and helping in understanding the feeling of fear within you. Feelings like negative behavior, unrealistic experience and distorted behavior can also lead to ED. In the counseling sessions the patients would be encouraged to practice various strategies and techniques in order to overcome sexual problems. The counselor would focus on personal problems and feelings and try to rectify those. CBT can be practiced face to face or over the internet as well. This therapy is more or less easier then talking therapy and can b completed quicker. This therapy will help you to think less about negative problems and focus on positivity.

Psychosexual therapy

This therapy is a more serious therapy where talking plays a very important role. The counselor looks at all the emotional, psychological and sexual problems that can influence the sexual disorder problem. In this case both the partners have to be mandatorily present during the counseling sessions and communicate with each other and express their feeling in closed environment as well.

You would need to talk about all your problems, your sexual fears and confusions and what is making you stress so much. You would need to discover the various trouble areas and analyze all your sexual patterns as well as anxiety patterns. The counselor will help you by talking to you and provide you with various tips so that trust as well as communication can increase.

This is a great form of therapy that can help in building communication and also help in building a smooth and happy relation and also reduce sexual anxiety. There should also be a transparent and honest communication regarding sexual behavior and how to increase the same. In more talking, new and innovative ideas can be framed and improvised.

This therapy requires gradual time and should be done slowly and patiently. There may be results if the counseling therapy is done diligently and honestly. Both of the partners should attend the sessions with an open mind and willingness to learn new ideas and share them together and resolve the same.

Apart from various counseling sessions, there are various exercises that can also help in reducing and getting rid of ED as well. The exercises that help to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor can help a great deal for ED.That is because pelvic floor muscles are one of the best muscles that can help in supporting the flow of blood to the penis which is turn helps in maintaining the erections for a long time. The muscles put pressure on the veins of the penis. This pressure resists the blood from leaving that particular area so that the erection can be possible

Kegel’s exercise

Kegel and pelvic floor exercise are one of the best solutions to ED. This is a very simple and reliable exercise which targets the muscles at the bottom of the pelvis and this muscle is known as the pubococcygeus.When the muscles becomes weak, the flow of blood reduces and the penis does not stand erect.Pelvic floor exercises helps to strengthen the muscles related to the erection of penis.
The best way to perform Kegel exercises is to sit on the floor or even the toilet seat or on a chair with legs slightly apart and then give pressure on your urinary bladder. After feeling the flow of urine, stop the urine forcefully from flowing by sucking in the pelvic floor muscles.

Try out the Kegel exercise as follows:

• Empty the urinary bladder in the beginning
• Contract the pelvic floor muscles and hold for a count of ten
• Relax the muscles
• The contraction and relaxation process should be repeated on a daily basis for the best of results. You can also try the Kegel’s exercise while sitting or standing as well.

Pilates like Kegel’s exercise is also one of the best ways to get rid of the ED problems if practiced regularly. It helps to activate the right muscles

Supine foot raises

This exercise involves very small movements of the feet. You would need to lie with bent knees with your feel flat of the floor and the arms at the sides. Exhale deeply and engage the pelvic floor muscles and then raise one foot off the floor. The pelvis and the Spinal cord need to be still. Inhale the put the lower foot back on the ground. Repeat this on both sides

What all to remember while exercising

Start gradually and do not give too much pressure on exercising much. Slowly increase the number of times and the period by repeating the exercise every day. Practice the exercise daily on a regular basis and slowly work up the exercises every day. This exercise should be practiced on a regular basis otherwise the muscles may slowly weaken and the problem of ED slowly might develop once again.

Treating erectile dysfunction at the earliest

Erectile dysfunction can be a cause of embarrassment and a cause of family fights at home as well. This may also hamper your sexual cravings which might give way to a bad relation with your partner. Thus if you feel that you are suffering from this sort of a problem, then this should be treated at the earliest. The first step is visiting a doctor and talking to him about the problems. He would suggest treatments ranging from changes in the lifestyle to food habits, medication, exercises and surgery if the problem is too intense.

The doctor would give you a few tests and he would figure out the best treatment for you as well. This treatment can be carried out in any age group. The treatment depends on the overall health conditions as well as any kind of underlying cause. You may feel embarrassed at first while discussing about the problems but at the same time this problem should not be neglected or overlooked

Vacuum devices

Erectile dysfunction can be temporarily recovered with the help of a vacuum constriction. An external pump is used with a band on it and this pump is used for getting an erection.

Penile implants

A penile implant is one of the most effective treatments that can help in erectile dysfunction. This is a simple surgery that takes place in about an hour or so and this surgery is done at the outpatient care centre.

Erectile dysfunction Surgery

Erectile dysfunction surgery is one of the best ways to improve the flow of blood to the penis so that the man can get an erection at the earliest and also keep the erection.

Using Viagra

Doctors sometime recommend Viagra or Cialis in order to increase the sexual dysfunction problem. These problems can also help to treat ED problems on a temporary basis. The medicines help to increase blood flow on a temporary basis and thus the man may have an erection for about an hour or so. Nowadays science has come up with various kinds of treatments and medications to treat the problem off erectile dysfunction. Some of them comprise of

Testosterone replacement therapy– Less production of the testosterone hormone can be a common cause of erectile dysfunction problems. If this is the cause of Ed problems then the best solution is Testosterone replacement therapy that may help in improvement of the problem.

There are various natural treatments are well for erectile dysfunction

Having as healthy diet

The food that you eat can also have a great impact on erectile dysfunction problems. Try out a healthy diet that is rich in fruit, veggies, whole grains, and fish and try and avoid refined grains, red meat that can help you in having a healthy lifestyle. Also ensure that you do not gain too much weight because obesity is one of the primary causes for erectile dysfunction. Cardio vascular diseases are also one of the main reasons for this problem.

Sleep well

Sleep is one of the best treatments for the problem of erectile dysfunction. Less sleep increases stress and that may help in triggering problems of erectile dysfunction. It is important to adhere to a regular sleep schedule so that your Ed problems are reduced to some extent.

Quit smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking can cause erectile dysfunction problem thus it is very important to quit both smoking and drinking if you want a healthy sex life. Blood supply to the penis is restricted if you have too much of alcohol. Talk to your doctor if you would like to quit smoking.

Preventing Erectile dysfunction problems

In order to prevent the problems of erectile dysfunction and lead a healthy sexual life you need to follow certain rules in life

• Quit smoking and drinking
• Follow a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet that is full of fruits and vegetables
• Maintain a healthy weight
• Be physically active at all times
• Avoid the use of drugs
• Also avoid certain medicines related to the nerves

Although not all ED can always be prevented, there are certain things that you can do to reduce your risk of ED and these are the things to try out if you really want to get rid of the problem forever and lead a healthy and happy sex life!

Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation may be regarded as a form of sexual dysfunction that can hamper your sex life by a great deal. Premature ejaculation means when erection takes place and orgasm occurs more sooner than expected that may not satisfy the partner at all. Though there may or may not be complications during reproduction with premature ejaculation, this can definitely be a huge set back during sexual activities for men as well as their partner. Premature ejaculation is a very common dysfunction which has occurred through centuries, but nowadays this problem can be solved by various kinds of treatments as well and if you understand the problem, you can easily overcome it as well.

What do you need to know about premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is caused due to a medical condition and this can lead to various kinds of side effects like distress and frustration, embarrassment, anxiety about not being able to satisfy your partner and depression that may be caused of the same. There are various treatment options as well like visiting a doctor, natural treatments and treatments that may help PE improved gradually with time.

Symptoms of premature ejaculation

You know that you are suffering from the problems of premature ejaculation if
• You tend to ejaculate just one minute or so after penetration
• You reach orgasm within a very limited time that does not satisfy either of the partners
• You are unable to delay the process of ejaculation during intercourse
• You feel depressed or frustrated while having sex and try to avoid the intimacy as well
One of the main symptoms of premature ejaculations is not being able to delay the timing of ejaculation for more than one minute or so after penetration. This problem may however also occur during masturbation. Premature ejaculation may either be acquired for some time because of various kinds of situations or they may be a permanent problem due to certain diseases and medications like SSRIs.

Causes of Premature Ejaculation

There are various causes that may lead to premature ejaculation. These include physiological factors, psychological factors and various other factors.
The psychological factors

Most of the cases of premature ejaculation are not related to any kind of disease but they may be caused due to various psychological factors as

• Sexual inexperience
• Problem in a relationship
• Too much over of excitements and stimulation
• Depression and anxiety
• Stress in relation
• Feeling of guilt
• Intimacy problems
• Poor body image
• Sexual molestation at an young age

These psychological problems may give rise to depression and premature ejaculation as well. These are acquired PE that may be treated with time and can recover as well.

Physiological factors

Physiological factors also contribute to premature ejaculation at times. This may be because of some inner physiological problems like dysfunction of nerves, a cardio vascular problem, diabetes or other kinds of problems as well. There may also be abnormal hormonal levels, inherited traits and other physiological causes that may result in this kind of a problem.

What is the treatment of premature Ejaculation?

In most of the cases, treatment of premature ejaculation is successful. The first thing that you need to do is talk to your partner openly and tells her the problems so that she understands the same and then can help you. The next thing is getting the help of a doctor who can help you with suggestions and medications. Though this may be a matter of embarrassment at first, it is good to get rid of the same and talk about it openly. There are various counseling sessions as well that can be used to reduce PE problems. There are no medications as such that can help to get rid of premature ejaculation, but some kind of anti depressants, exercises and counseling session can help reduce the same. Medicines are not prescribed for this sort of a problem as sometimes medicines may have different side effects. Some doctors prescribe medicines when

• Vaginal sex lasts for two minutes and not more before the ejaculation
• Ejaculation occurs with very little sexual stimulation even before your partner is satisfied and before you actually want to climax
• There are great relation problems and problems in sex life due to the problem of PE.

Home remedy methods for PE

Home remedies are one of the best methods that can help in PE and this also does not have any kind of side effects. One of the best home remedies for premature ejaculation is the start and stop method and the squeeze method.

Start and Stop method

The start and stop method is a reliable method that helps a man to gain control over his premature ejaculation. This is done by stopping at the point when the man is about to get orgasm and they again resume at the point when he feels that he may be able to continue

The Squeeze method

This is done by gently squeezing on the tip of the penis when the man feels that he is about to orgasm. This can be done by himself or by the help of his partner for 30 seconds before starting intercourse once again. These are home remedies that can come to use

Exercises for premature ejaculation

Apart from counseling therapies and medication, Kegel’s exercise helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and can help men with premature ejaculation. This exercise has been seen to be of great help to stimulate the muscles of the penis. Prolonged treatment can help in reducing the symptoms of premature ejaculation and increases the time before you reach orgasm as well.

When should you see a doctor?

If you feel that you are having problems in marital relation due to PE problems, it is time you go and visit a doctor. Though it may be embarrassing to talk about PE problems openly, it will do well to you in the long run. This problem is a common problem and it can be treated easily if wanted as well.

It is to be noted that this information is based on public claims made by professionals of respective disciplines and is not own medical advisory by this site. Consult your doctor for any decision making.

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